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Anxiety, Depression, Stress - herbal allies

There are various and very individual reasons for feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety.  Some are more "world-oriented", meaning that living in this day and age is just downright too fast, stressful and nerve-wracking, which can lead to anxiety, depression or feelings of hopelessness.  Other reasons can be more personal and individual in nature.  As someone who has benefited greatly from therapy, this is what I of course would recommend first and foremost (as well as Reiki), but there are also herbal allies that can effectively help support you and your nervous system physically.

Anxiety Blend Tincture - This blend of herbs and flower essences that are well-known for their ability to reduce stress, calm anxiety, quiet nervous fear, and nervous agitation.  It is safe, gentle and can be used by anyone.  It works very quickly and provides fast results.  This product can be used as needed.  For some, especially at higher doses, it may cause drowsiness. 

Adrenal Tonic - This is a combination of adaptogenic herbs which help one cope with and adapt to stress.  It’s used for adrenal and nervous exhaustion, mental exhaustion, for those who are under chronic stress, and for those who are anxious, nervous, depressed and burned out.  It helps decrease fatigue, helps to increase energy and vitality, helps increase brain efficiency, memory, physical vitality, mental vitality and helps increase feelings of well-being. As this product is a nutritive that feeds and nourishes the adrenals, it does take time to kick in, therefore, using it each and every day (like you would a multi-vitamin) and using it over an extended period of time is recommended for best results.  NOTENOT for use by those who are pregnant or by those with high blood pressure.  Ok for breastfeeding.

Rescue Remedy -  Rescue Remedy is a flower essence blend that is extremely helpful to ease any stressful situation. Flower Essences work on the emotional body like herbs work on the physical body. It has a calming and centering effect and is useful for any upset, anxiety or trauma (either physical or emotional), including panic attacks, accidents or injuries. Rescue Remedy is useful for so many things that it is commonly referred to "911 in a bottle"!  It is safe for use by all - newborns, adults (including pregnant and nursing women), pets and plants too.  It is included in the Anxiety Blend Tincture.   

Happy Day Tincture - This is a formula used to help people dealing with depression, including pregnancy depression, Postpartum Depression (PPD), Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or any kind of depression, sorrow or sadness. The blend contains organic Rose herbal tincture, and a proprietary blend of flower essences of Elm, Gentian, Gorse, Larch, Mustard, Sweet Chestnut and Wild Rose, with gem/crystal essences. Each is noted in its ability to gently and effectively lift and alleviate feelings of depression. Although it can be used by anyone, this product was created for use by pregnant and nursing mothers. The Happy Day tincture has been described as bringing Light into the Soul.

If you're suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and emotional upset, you may also be experiencing sleeplessness or insomnia.  Stress, depression and anxiety can certainly do that!  Please see Sleep Remedies - Natural Herbal Solutions for Sleep, Relaxation, Anxiety & Insomnia for a list of herbs and herbal products that can help you relax, get to sleep, and stay asleep.  As a side note, some clients who have extreme anxiety find that the Goodnight Combo Tincture works really well at calming their anxiety.  Because of the extra adrenaline in the body during anxiety or panic episodes, the tincture tends to not make them sleepy at those times but calms them instead.  When they're calmer, then they use the tincture at night, when it does make them sleepy.  Everyone's bodies and situations can all be very different. It's a matter of finding the right herb for you.

Please seek professional help if your situation feels overwhelming, isn't getting any better, or if you're having a hard time coping. Therapy is vitally important and is necessary in determining the cause and root origin of your situation.  Once a cause is determined, healing and feeling better are the natural result.  The herbs can also help and are fantastic to use along with therapy, as they will help your body adapt to the changes and will help alleviate any anxiety you may experience.  Doing this type of a program helps to address the difficulty on a holistic level, including body, mind, and spirit.

Research has shown that babies are very aware while in the womb, at birth, and even before conception. Babies are “full-grown souls” living in a small body. The soul of the baby integrates with the physical body at some point during gestation (it’s different for them all), and can even go in and out of the body until it finally settles in, to mesh and meld the spirit or soul with the physical body. This tiny body is still quite undeveloped, especially the brain, which is why this developed soul isn’t born walking and talking. The brain that the soul of the baby has to use in order to walk and talk and do other tasks needs much more time to develop before they can demonstrate such skills.

This is why I encourage parents to be mindful about their baby, as the baby is very aware, feels pain, experiences fear.

There is an organization called APPPAH (Association of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health - which basically means Birth Psychology - please visit them at They have done extensive research on this subject. If you’re interested in learning more about birth psychology, they have information resources at their ClassWomb -

Book suggestions: The Mind of Your Newborn Baby and Windows to the Womb, both by Dr. David Chamberlain, Ph.D. I was blessed to know and be friends with Dr. Chamberlain during the last 15 years of his life. I learned much from him, and had much of what I already intuitively knew proven by the decades of studies that he did throughout his life. My own story of my yet un-conceived baby’s communications is featured in his second book, Windows of the Womb. Mine is certainly not the only one featured - it’s a fascinating read! Another book suggestion - Cosmic Cradle by Elizabeth M. Carman and Neil J. Carman.

This is a 333, the sign that Jesus is with me and helping me - of course. As always! I knew I was being helped and guided along this path.

After my attunement and a period of meditation and rest, I got up and looked out my window to see 3 deer peacefully feeding in my yard, right beneath my window. Perfect!

In my meditation, I could see my Angels celebrating my attunement as Reiki Master. They were “welcoming me home to my path” and back to the work I’ve done before as an energy healer. I was shown a crystalline temple where I did this work, using my hands, crystals, and rainbow light and color. I was very good at what I did. I know this work. I remember.

As my teacher began my attunement, I could feel the energy come down over my head, like a warm penetrating liquid being poured from my crown down over my entire body, enveloping me in it’s warmth. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock - yep, 3 o’clock. It had started, and I was feeling it.

I allowed myself to relax into it and visions of the healing work that I did with the dolphin Jasmine ran through my mind. She could feel it too. I’ve done this work before.

Birth is the event through which a soul comes onto the planet for his or her next adventure and experience. Death is the leaving of that body to go back home to the other side, or spirit world, or heaven. Two sides of the same coin indeed.

I spent a month there at my grandfather’s bedside, along with my mom and my aunt. Other friends and family members came during this time to spend special time with him. He was conscious for the first few weeks, and we talked about old stories, sang old songs, and laughed. He said he wanted me to get married and have a family of my own. He had advice and wishes for each one of us. I did marry and have a baby - I know he got to hold her and talk to her before she came Earthside to be with me, and I experienced the joy and happiness that he wished for me! This was one of the most special and magical few weeks I’ve ever spent.

Death is simply a shedding of the physical body. The person who passed is still very much with us, but on a different vibrational level. Kind of like a dog whistle - it’s pitch (or vibration) is so high that our human ears cannot perceive it. It doesn’t mean that it’s not there though! Spirit energy is the same - so high that we cannot see or hear it (usually!). It does not mean that the person is not there. Most often, we can feel them. They will also send us messages in a variety of ways, such as an animal or insect (butterflies are common) that come to us in an unusual way, finding coins in odd places, electronics going on and off with no explanation, the phone rings and no one is there. Electronics is one of the easiest things for them to manipulate. Dreams are also a common way for our loved ones to communicate with you. Once the conscious mind is out of the way (yours, when you are asleep), it’s much easier for them to get through to you and interact with you. Visitations “dreams” are very common and can provide lasting peace for you.

If you pay attention, you’ll see the signs. Most people will discount the signs, thinking it’s just a coincidence or their imagination - it’s not. If you wonder if something is a deceased loved one that is trying to communicate with you, pay attention because it’s true and it’s real. You can communicate back simply by talking to them in your head. Imagine a conversation with your loved one - you may be very surprised! And I can tell you, it’s not your imagination!

One thing though - as a further word about how to tell if it is your imagination or the communication of your loved one….. If the communication is mean, belittling, harsh or negative in any way, it’s your own ego mind saying those things to you. That is not your loved one. Spirit communication is always loving and supportive. The Other Side, the spirit world, is one of love only.

Book suggestion: Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, both by Dr. Michael Newton. Read Journey first. Both are fascinating reads!