Baby Reading

This has become one of Pam's specialties. As Pam worked with her fertility and pregnancy clients in her herbal business, more and more she noticed the baby's energy making itself present at the consultations. She was receiving information on their personalities, their needs and wants, and why (for her fertility clients) they might be hesitant to enter into conception. This information was helpful to her clients in knowing what this baby needed in order to come through - to be conceived and born. Pam has also been of great help with babies already in utero who were reluctant to be born - when labor wasn't starting or birth was delayed. She can also be of help if the parents just wanted to know a little more about their baby - such as personality traits, and how to best support their child in being who they came to the planet to be.

$60 for ½ hour, $120 for 1 hour