Helping you find peace and healing.

Pam Caldwell

At the age of 8, while standing in the hallway of her childhood home, a large booming voice (that no one but Pam could hear) loudly said the word "PSYCHIC" to her and infused her with a brilliant and intense column of purple light. It felt like as if someone put a megaphone over her entire body, as it was so loud and the light so effusive, permeating every cell of her being.  Even though she was so young, she remembers that moment vividly to this day. From that moment on, Pam’s world opened. She began seeing and feeling spirits in her room, which was terrifying for her at the time because she didn’t understand what was happening or what to do. Her parents said that it was just her imagination, and would tell her to go back to bed - they just didn’t understand. She finally had the idea to call on Jesus with his “big stick” (in her little kid language) to stay by her side and protect her, and that made all the difference. He protected her well and continues to do so to this day. Since then, Pam has worked closely with both Jesus and Mother Mary, as well as Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael (among others) in the healing and intuitive work that she does. Of course, all of her healing abilities and gifts are gifts from God, the Source, the Universe, with help and guidance from Jesus, Mother Mary, and the Angels.

Many years would go by. In her 20’s, she began classes that would help her understand her gift, learn how to use it to help people, and learn how to control it. She would study for many years under several different teachers to develop and understand her skills. When she began training in Angel Therapy in 2005, she knew she’d found her home and the realm where she naturally fits, works and belongs - working with Angels.

Pam is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, certified Medium, certified Professional Spiritual Teacher, Ordained Minister, psychic intuitive, medical intuitive, empath, and Reiki Master. She is also a Certified Herbalist, specializing in fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, lactation, and mom and baby’s health. She created a line of organic herbal products for these areas and founded her company Herb Lore in 1996.

In the course of doing client consultations with these women, she noticed that the baby’s energy would frequently show up during the consultation. Pam discovered that she could communicate with these baby beings and give their parents messages - such as what they needed in order to be conceived, what they needed in order to start labor and be born, what their personalities were like, and suggestions on how to work with their baby’s personality to help their baby thrive and to support them to be who they came to the planet to be, and  how to avoid the pitfalls of power struggles. She calls these sessions Baby Readings and is one of her favorite consultations to provide!

Pam has also been a lifelong energy healer. She wouldn’t realize that this is what she was doing for many years, but as a child, she became adept at shifting and healing energies. It was second nature to her.  She had heard of Reiki and had a few sessions as an adult, and although she didn’t really understand it or how it worked, she knew it was a profound healing modality. One time, she and her family went to a theme park where some dolphins were kept. Pam has a deep connection with dolphins. (Pam can also communicate with animals.) She, fortunately, didn’t get the impression from this park that the dolphins were in distress or unhappy, but were “dedicating their lives to be ambassadors to humans in the human/dolphin connection”. (They are much more advanced beings than we are aware of or give them credit for.) This one day, Pam and her family found their way into the private tanks at the back of the park that the public doesn’t know about, and where the pregnant and ill dolphins are housed and are cared for. Pam heard one coughing and went to see. Her name was Jasmine. Pam closed her eyes and did what she thought would be a form of Reiki or healing energy for this dolphin.  After about 5 minutes, Pam was jolted back to awareness by a woman and child who had come up on the platform alongside her with the shocked woman exclaiming “how are you doing that??” Pam didn’t know what she was talking about until she looked at Jasmine, who was holding herself up out of the water facing Pam receiving the healing energies. When the woman spoke, the connection was broken and Jasmine dove back down into the water. She then did a giant leap into the air as a joyful “thank you” to Pam!  Pam has since been trained and certified, and as she was receiving her Reiki attunement, this beautiful and special memory flooded back into her mind.

For those of you interested in Astrology, Pam has her Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in the form of a Yod (or Finger of God) in her chart.  This means that Pam came into this life with a very special configuration pointing to an advanced ability for healing and intuitive work.

Pam Caldwell's Mission Statement and Life Purpose
My purpose is to use my loving and healing nature and my gift of insight to help others heal anything that may be creating blocks, difficulty, or lack in any area of their lives. To empower and inspire others to live in truth (to themselves and to others), in integrity (to themselves and to others), to know the truth of who they are, realizing their Divine Nature and their own personal power and strength, so that they can live the fulfilling, abundant, joyful life of their dreams!

It is my mission to heal, inspire and empower!