Even though they’re little, babies are people too.

Research has shown that babies are very aware while in the womb, at birth, and even before conception. Babies are “full-grown souls” living in a small body. The soul of the baby integrates with the physical body at some point during gestation (it’s different for them all), and can even go in and out of the body until it finally settles in, to mesh and meld th....

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Two sides of the same coin. Connections with the Other Side.

Birth is the event through which a soul comes onto the planet for his or her next adventure and experience. Death is the leaving of that body to go back home to the other side, or spirit world, or heaven. Two sides of the same coin indeed. I spent a month there at my grandfather’s bedside, along with my mom and my aunt. Other friends and family members came ....

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Journal entry from my Reiki attunement day

This is a 333, the sign that Jesus is with me and helping me - of course. As always! I knew I was being helped and guided along this path. After my attunement and a period of meditation and rest, I got up and looked out my window to see 3 deer peacefully feeding in my yard, right beneath my window. Perfect! In my meditation, I could see my Angels celebratin....

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